Flow Water

Pioneering Technology Innovations For Ballast Water Management Engineering

Flow Water Technologies Ltd, headquartered in Cyprus, is one of the few dedicated Ballast Water Management Engineering firms in the world. The firm was established by first-class engineers and maritime organisations who bring a wealth of shipping expertise and knowledge in water treatment sector.



To Offer Cost Efficient Ballast Water Solutions

We have designed and developed a system which offers close to no operational costs because we knew it was possible.


To Ensure Long Term Compliance

We have future-proofed our system preparing for 2020 regulations and making it possible to upgrade in the future.


To Maintain Eco-Friendly Production

With an offset carbon neutral solution that requires no additional generators our system is eco-friendly. 


To Educate about Ballast Water Treatments

The Flow Water Academy offers onsite training facilities for the Cyprus Maritime Academy along with e-learning options.


Flow Water Technologies Ltd is the manufacturer of FlowSafe® our innovative and compact ballast water management system developed by dedicated and highly regarded marine engineers with over 25 years of experience. We developed FlowSafe specifically for the shipping industry making it environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and easy to install and maintain.